3D animator | Architectural visualisations

About me

My name is Kevin Saey. I am 20 years old. Currently I'm studying Digital Arts And Entertainment at Howest University college in Belgium. Now I'm in my senior year. 3D Animation is my passion, that's why I chose the animation major. I've always been fascinated about animation movies, which inspired me to start making them myself. At our school we have the opportunity to take an internship so I'm currently looking for the right spot.

I'm a very open minded guy. I would like to see the entire world, so working abroad isn't a problem at all. I have a large skillset but I'm always willing to learn something new. My focus is animation but I really enjoy hard surface modeling too. I'm used to variable and long hours. I'm always excited to take on new projects.

Feel free to take a further look at my site. I hope you enjoy my work. You can always contact me on the contact page.

Kevin Saey